Rules of Chalet La Belle Québécoise.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our stay regulations.

As a landlord of the chalet La Belle Québécoise you are responsible at all times for the application and compliance with these rules. This applies to all persons staying at the chalet who are under your supervision.

The chalet La belle Québécoise and these owners can in no way be held responsible for incidents or accidents during your stay. By staying at the chalet you fully and conscientiously accept the regulations attached to it.

  1. Smoke free Environment 

    Smoking is not allowed inside the chalet. If odors from tobacco, cannabis or any other substance are detected during the inspection after your departure, you will have to pay additional cleaning costs of $ 200. Charges may also be added if traces of burns are found on the furniture or structure of the chalet. Costs of loss of enjoyment incurred of $ 250 may also be added to the penalty if the entry of the next tenant is delayed. Smoking is allowed outside and citizenship is a must. Please pick up and safely dispose of your BUTTONS.

  2. Accomodation capacity

    The chalet can accommodate a maximum of 6 to 8 people. When booking you must enter the number of people staying at the chalet. Any addition of additional people to the number entered on your booking form must be previously reported and accepted by the owners of Chalet La Belle Québécoise. The capacity being of 8 people, no additional guest can be added beyond this number. Guests 7 and 8 are subject to an additional rate of $ 40 per night per person. If we find that the number of occupants does not comply with your initial reservation, we reserve the right to immediately end your rental, without any financial compensation.

  3. No animals allowed

    Failure to comply with this rule exposes you to immediate cancellation of your stay without any financial compensation. If odors, traces of hair or others are detected during the post-rental inspection, you will have to pay additional cleaning costs of $ 200. Replacement costs for damaged or soiled furniture may be added. Loss of enjoyment fees of more than $ 250 may also be added if the arrival of the next tenant is delayed subsequently.

  4. Partys are not allowed at all time

    We count on your civility to keep the place under control and ensure a good neighborhood. Please note that the municipality of St-Adolphe-d´Howard uses the services of a private surveillance company to enforce its nuisance by-laws. If a complaint is made, we will be notified immediately. This exposes you to an immediate cancellation and expulsion from the chalet without financial compensation.

  5. Illegal activities

    All illegal activities are prohibited in the chalet and on the property and will be addressed directly to the competent authorities or the police.



  1. Outdoor fireplace

    It is forbidden to make an open fire outside the fire pit provided for this purpose. You are responsible for keeping the fire under control within the designated area. The fires must be of normal size and remain under constant control and surveillance during the burning. At certain times of the year, including during summer droughts, the municipality issues OPEN SKY FIRE PROHIBITIONS. You must comply with it, otherwise you will receive a notice of forced entry from the competent authorities. If such a claim is received by the owners, you will be billed for the costs. Date and times of the finding by doing times.

    A- Prohibition to cut trees : It is forbidden to cut wood, trees, pluck branches on all 10 acres of the land.

    B- Fire wood : We offer firewood with the rental of the chalet. We ask you to make good use of it. If we find excessive consumption of wood, for example, you have consumed the equivalent of the volume of a cord of wood in two days of rental, you will be billed for the costs of taking the wood that we consider excessive. The costs for a volume of wood of 0.35m³ are $ 100.

  2. Indoor fireplace
    To ensure your safety, please familiarize yourself with the user guide of the indoor fireplace before use. The same paragraphs A and B of the previous point also apply to the interior fireplace.
  3. Use of the SPA
    Please read and familiarize yourself with the guide and rules for using the SPA before using it. It is forbidden to leave children unattended in the SPA or surrounding area if the lid is open or unsecured.
  4. Pool Table and game console
    Please familiarize yourself with the user guides for the pool table and Wii Game Console before using them.
  5. Maintenance and cleaning
    You must respect the scheduled departure time before 11 a.m. The maintenance team arrives at this time and has 4 hours to complete the cleaning of the chalet and the SPA before the inspection and the arrival of the new tenants. We ask for your full cooperation in order to meet these deadlines.
  6. Snow removal
    Snow removal from the access road, courtyard, steps, patio and access to the SPA is contracted. It is possible that the contractor presents himself during your stay.
  7. Respect of nature and fauna
    The chalet is located in the middle of nature in the heart of the Laurentians. We ask you to have the utmost respect for this unique environment. Perhaps you will get a chance to spot a few deer roaming the grounds from time to time. Hunting and trapping are prohibited on this private property.
  8. Garbages
    Please dispose of your garbage and waste properly in the containers provided for this purpose at the entrance to the property road. We don’t want to attract animals that could harm and cause damage. This will also prevent you from having the unpleasant surprise of finding yourself face to face with a raccoon, a skunk or any other type of animal.